Faq - 2.0 Gear Motors - Products

Why are the lead times for helical worm gear motors so short?
What are the hollow shaft diameters of the helical worm gear motors
What is the difference between the CMRV and EV helical worm gear series?
What material are the CMRV helical worm gear units made of?
With what power capacities are helical gear motors available?
Where can I find the technical data for helical gear motors?
What are the advantages of helical bevel gear units and in what areas are they used?
What special features do the K-series helical bevel gear motors have?
How do I pick the correct parallel-shaft gear motor?
What are the general characteristics of parallel-shaft gear motors?
What are the performance characteristics of planetary gear motors?
What options are available for planetary gear motors?
What is the maximum torque of a horizontal helical gear unit?
What accessories are available for a horizontal helical gear unit?
What are the advantages of a stainless helical worm gear motor?
When are stainless-steel helical worm gear motors used?
What are the technical features of stainless-steel helical gear motors?
Up to which power output capacities are stainless helical gear motors available?
Up to what torque are stainless-steel bevel gear units available
Which oil quantities do the ESK stainless-steel bevel gear motors require?
Does a suitable helical worm gear motor exist for a barbecue drive?
Which barbecue gear motor is suitable for the weight of my barbecue food?
Which helical worm gear motors with a variable unit are currently available?
Are helical worm variable speed gear motors also available with brakes?
In which areas are helical variable speed gear motors with handwheels used?
Can a helical variable speed gear unit be purchased with a single-phase motor?