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Gear flanges, torque arms, Output shafts

SEVA-tec GmbH is your specialist in the field of professional drive technology. The focus is on three-phase
motors, frequency converters and gearmotors. Our drives can be ordered as energy saving motor (s) in
IE1 / IE2 / IE3 and IE4. In many cases, the electric motors with specific requirements and accessories such.
Motor flanges, torque arms and external fans required. Here we are the ideal partner for you, because
through our specialized staff, as well as with an extensive engine bearing and our own final assembly, we can
offer you the most diverse engine variants.

Electronic brake devices

Electronic brakes are used to decelerate asynchronous machines in squirrel cage design and 1Ph AC
capacitor motors within 10 seconds after switching off. For external mounting brake switches are available 
in 1,1KW, 1,5KW, 2,2KW, 3KW, 4KW, 5,5KW and 7,5KW engine.

PTC thermistor / thermistor protection

The drives offered here are mostly prepared for temperature monitoring with PTC thermistors. To use this
monitoring, you need the appropriate PTC thermistor tripping device.


Type and terminal box

The design of the motors is variable on request. Even with the three-phase motors in heavy design, so from
4KW- 500KW, the feet of the engine can be rebuilt on request. Thus a foot motor B3 can also be converted
to a flange motor B5 or to a foot / flange / motor B3 / B5. Another advantage is that the drive can be converted
into a terminal box position in KK-top, KK-left, KK-right, even in KK- below.

Motor special versions

Here you can see a selection of various electric motor modifications. This is e.g. an electric motor or
geared motor with:
- Frequency converter construction
- External fan
- special voltage
- Country specific frequency
- Protection class IP54, IP55, IP65, IP66
- UL / CSA with certificate
- Marine version
- Insulation class H
- Protective roof on the fan cover
- Current isolated ball bearings
- Leaded cable
- Special paint
- PTC temperature sensor
- Bimetal
- PTC thermistor
- PT 100
- Storage temperature monitoring
- Anti-condensation heating
- Terminal box left / right / top
- special flange
- special wave
- Second shaft end
- Aluminum Nirosta fan blades
- Stainless screws (D 086 DMA)
- Rotary encoder
- Tachogenerator
- incremental encoder
- NU warehouse / permanent storage
- preloaded storage
- Regreasing device
- Special vibration quality
- Built-on motor switch

SEO= Gear flanges, torque arms, Output shafts - Motor flanges, torque arms, shafts