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Schnecke Ausgangsflansch SEVA-EV 030-output flange
output flange für EV 030, 65 x 50 x 80mm
Schnecke Ausgangsflansch SEVA-EV 040-output flange
output flange für EV 040, 75 x 60 x 90mm
Schnecke Ausgangsflansch SEVA-EV 050-output flange
output flange für EV 050, 130 x 110 x 160mm
Schnecke Ausgangsflansch SEVA-EV 063-output flange
output flange für EV 063, 150 x 115 x 180mm
Schnecke Ausgangsflansch SEVA-EV 075-output flange
output flange für EV 075, 165 x 130 x 200mm
Schnecke Ausgangsflansch SEVA-EV 080-output flange
output flange für EV 080, 215 x 180 x 242mm
Schneckengetriebe- Ausgangsflansch SEVA-EV 100-output flange
output flange für EV 100, 215 x 180 x 250mm
Schneckengetriebe- Ausgangsflansch SEVA-EV 125-output flange
output flange für EV 125, 265 x 230 x 300mm
Schnecke Ausgangswelle SEVA-EV 030-output shaft
output shaft mit key feather für worm gear EV 030. 14 x 30mm
Schnecke Ausgangswelle SEVA-EV 040-output shaft
output shaft mit key feather für worm gear EV 040. 20 x 40mm
Schnecke Ausgangswelle SEVA-EV 050-output shaft
output shaft mit key feather für worm gear EV 050. 25 x 50mm
Schnecke Ausgangswelle SEVA-EV 063-output shaft
output shaft mit key feather für worm gear EV 063. 30 x 50mm
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Accessories for EV worm geared motors

To complete your engine, here is the opportunity to access our wide range of accessories. You want to find your drive the o. the right torque arm, double shaft, anti-condensation heater, motor shaft, motor flange, thermocouple etc.

PTC thermistor / thermistor protection

The drives here are mostly prepared for temperature monitoring with PTC thermistors. To use this monitoring, you need the appropriate PTC thermistor tripping device.

The design and the terminal box 

The design of the gearmotors is variable on request. Even with the engines can be ordered with extensive modifications, such. Eg Terminal box position in KK-top, KK-left, KK-right, even in KK- below.


Electric engine with special versions

Here you can see a selection of the most varied modifications. These are for example:
- Frequency converter construction
- External fan
- special voltage
- Different frequency
- Protection classes IP54, IP55, IP65, IP66
- UL / CSA with certificate
- Marine version
- Insulation class H
- Protective roof on the fan cover
- Current isolated ball bearings
- Lead out connection cable
- Special paint
- PTC temperature sensor
- Bimetal
- PTC thermistor
- Temperature sensor like PT 100
- Storage temperature monitoring
- Anti-condensation heating
- Terminal box left / right / top
- special flange
- special wave
- Second shaft end
- Aluminum Nirosta fan
- Stainless screws (D 086 DMA)
- Rotary encoder
- Tachogenerator
- incremental encoder
- NU warehouse / permanent storage
- preloaded storage
- Regreasing device
- Special vibration quality
- Built-on motor switch