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High-end medium-voltage motors

These large industrial motors are available with powers up to 40 000 kW and are operated using medium voltage.
These motors are usually special motors made to customers’ specifications. Their number of poles is
between 2 and 20. Available protection classes are IP23 and IP55 to IP 65.

Motor cooling types

IC 411,   fin cooled
IC 611,   with air-to-air heat exchanger
IC 81W,  with air-to-water heat exchanger
IC 01,     open-circuit ventilated

Common rated voltages

50 Hz: 2000V / 3000V / 3300V / 5000V/ 5500V / 6000V / 6300V/ 6600V / 10000V / 10500V / 11000V
60 Hz: 4160 V / 13800 V. The admissible voltage tolerance is ± 5%. Special voltages and different
voltage tolerances are available on request.

Motor Tests

The following motor tests are carried out in the factory:
High voltage test, checking the sense of rotation, measuring the winding resistance, insulation resistance test,
resting under no load, short-circuit test, vibration strength test, measuring the shaft tension, function check
of accessories, noise measurement; check for visible damage and documentation. If required, testing under
full load, heating test, momentum test and dissipation factor measurement are possible.

Motor overload protection / monitoring

The medium-voltage motors can be supplied with temperature monitoring for windings and bearings, e.g. 6 Pt100
resistance thermometers in the stator winding, 2 Pt100 resistance thermometers in the A-side and B-side bearings.
The terminals of the resistance thermometers are located in a separate terminal box. More over a large spectrum
of further sensors can be supplied on request. The majority of the motors supplied are equipped with
anti-condensation heating.

SEO= High-end medium-voltage motors  160kW - 40.000kW