Faq - 1.0 Electric Motors - Products

Which aluminium electric motor sizes are available?
In which designs are the aluminium electric motors available?
Up to which power sizes are cast iron three-phase motors available?
When is a reinforced bearing used for the cast electric motor?
In what areas are IP23 electric motors applied?
Which power output capacities and speeds are available for IP23 motors?
What are progressive electric motors?
Are progressive electric motors available in all common power sizes and designs?
How many capacitors do single-phase motors have?
What are the power sizes and frame sizes of AC motors?
What are pole-changeable motors?
What variants of pole-changeable motors are applied?
What range of brake motors are offered?
What brake variants are available on the brake motors?
Which explosion-proof electric motors are predominantly purchased?
Is a special cable gland required for an ATEX motor?
When should a circular saw motor or a parallel shaft gear motor be used?
When will circular saw motors be available in 230V or 400V versions?
In which versions are flat motors offered?
Are both directions of rotation available for the flat motors?
Up to what power output capacity are medium-voltage motors supplied?
Which motor monitoring is offered for the medium voltage motor?
In what areas are stainless steel motors mainly used?
What does protection class IP69K mean for stainless steel motors?
Which housing types offer permanent magnets?
Can DC motors be combined with conventional gearboxes?