Geared motors informations

General informations

Service Factor
Service Factor (fs) is a safety coefficient, who describes the operating conditions of the drive. ''fs =1'' is used for uniform loads 8 hours working per day and up to
100 starts per hour. Service factor depends on:
- Running time
- Nature of load
- Frequency of starting
- Driver type
- Other considerations
For the right selection of the needed service factor for your machine:
1. Determine the running time of driven machine.
2. Select the nature of load of driven machine.
U - Uniform loads
M - Moderate loads
H - Heavy shock loads.
3. Determine frequency of starting.
4. After determining the above mentioned factors, the service factor can be easily selected from the table given bellow.


Geared motors are used to drive a drive shaft. Gear motors are used in vehicles, but also needed as the drive motors in many technical areas. Gearmotors consist from a transmission and a motor. Gear motors differ mainly in the type of drive that they operate, as rotary drive or swivel drive. For this we offer you a variety of gear motors, as the worm gear motor and spur / helical gear motor.