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Electric Motor – Online Shop

Our new online shop offers you the possibility to order your electric motor, gear motor, or frequency inverter 24 hours a day.
The shop is always open, there are no waiting times and price comparison has been simplified. However, as we only
deliver to corporate customers, product prices can only be viewed after a registered customer has logged in.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter. If you require larger quantities of our products, we can set
up a pricing scheme with products classified according to demand.


Individual Customers – Individual Solutions 

If you are unable to find what you are looking for within our product range, our team will gladly assist you in every way
possible e.g. when choosing suitable components. Please feel free to contact us about this. As an electric motor expert
and specialist for drive technology and energy systems, we are exactly the right address if you are looking for high-quality
three-phase motors, geared motors, and frequency inverters. Our product range also includes brake motors, single-phase
motors, worm gear motors, helical gear motors, flat gear motors, frequency inverter/motor combinations, and many more.


Energy Saving Calculator

With the help of our energy saving calculator, you can immediately determine the energy-saving potential of using an
energy-saving motor instead of a conventional motor.


After Sales Service

Our after-sales service team will gladly support you with any post-purchase problems that may arise. Whether AC motor,
brake motor, EX motor, circular saw motor, grill motor, planetary gear motor, helical gear motor, flat gear motor, worm gear
or single-phase motor, high-voltage or medium-voltage motor, we are here to support you with custom-made concepts that
will help you to increase the efficiency of your business. 


Special Customer Requirements

Our factory can supply special motors or customer-specific motors/gears at a small extra charge. These special requests
have acceptable delivery times. If you have an urgent request and require an item at short notice, we are able to modify
stock motors at our factory in Ahlhorn at a fair price. Our in-house engineering department and paint shop allow us to
modify stock motors, e.g. alternative voltages (380V, 460V, 500V, 550V), frequencies (60Hz), second shaft end,
special bearings, motors with forced ventilation, motors with spring-applied brakes, or motors with speed sensors.


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