3.1 What special features does the M100 single-phase frequency inverter have?

Frequency inverter M100, IP20, EMV filter integrated

-          EMV filter C2
-          Potentiometer for speed control
-          Mounted on mounting plates or DIN rail
-          Side-by-side installation possible (2mm distance between drives)
-          Easy connection via RJ45 port
-          Standard IO: 3x DI, 1x DO, 1x AI (0-10V), 1x AO (0-10V)
-          Brake chopper for 1.5kW and 2.2kW version
-          Overload capacity 150% for 1 min
-          Programming with DriveView7 operating software via RJ45 connection on the M100 (in advanced version)


              Frequency inverter M100
A short distance between the M100 frequency inverters

Extract from specific functions:

-          DC braking
-          Jog operation
-          3-wire operation
-          Dwell operation (dwell time operation)
-          Slip compensation
-          PID control
-          Energy saving mode
-          Speed search
-          Automatic restart